San Diego 2016

List of High Definition Videos Available

Gary – Taubes – Why We Get Fat: Adiposity 101 and the Alternative Hypothesis of Obesity
Michel Lundell – Using Breath Ketone Analysers
Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt – A Global Food Revolution
Jackie-Eberstein – Hormone Changes and Weight Management
Emily Maguire – Sugar Friend or Foe
Q&A About Keto
Bryon Jaymes – Dual Fuel Ketones for Building
Jimmy Moore – My Personal Experience with Fasting
Dr. Dominic D’Agostino – Nutritional Ketosis: Effects on Metabolic Regulation and Signaling
Peter Defty – Winning On Fat
Franziska Spritzler – How to Achieve a Healthy Low Carb Lifestyle
Dr. Peter Ballerstedt – Grass Based Health and the Ruminant Revolution
Dr. Angela Poff – Exploiting Cancer Metabolism with Ketosis
Dr. Michael Eades – Paleopathology and the Origins of the Paleo (low-carb)-Diet
Dr. Eric Westman – Scientific Basis and Clinical Experience of Using LCHF for Diabetes
Dr. Jeffry Gerber – Framingham and the Muddy Waters
Ivor Cummins – Framingham and the Muddy Waters
Jonny Bowden – The Great Cholesterol Myth
Jayne Bullen – How to Change the Way a Country Eats
Dr. Salih Solomon – How to Change the Way a Country Eats
Dr. Jason Fung – Therapeutic Fasting
Dr. David Dikeman – How to Avoid Complications of T1D
Dr. Jacob Wilson – Ketogenic Diets and Resistance Training
Karen Thomson – Breaking Up With Sugar Addiction
Dr. Jeff Volek – Keto Adaptation and Performance


The 2016 Low Carb USA conference in San Diego was a great event. It was the largest-ever low-carb conference and featured an amazing lineup of speakers. When the experts on treating and preventing serious disease through nutrition came to speak the results were legendary.

Did you miss the event? Did you attended but want to hear again all the lectures and every speech? We have amazing HD quality videos of the entire conference available at one low price.

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