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pruvit-company-logo-300x96Pruvit’s primary product is called KETO//OS (Ketone Operating System).  It is a revolutionary drink mix that is based on a proprietary ketone energy technology that delivers advanced macro nutritionals and promotes optimized cellular regeneration, energy and longevity.



Ketonix-BlueKETONIX is an excellent alternative to monitor and record your levels of ketosis compared to urine and blood tests. KETONIX Ketone Breath Monitor is a one-time cost and is simple to use while being extremely portable and robust. It has never been easier to see and monitor metabolic ketone production KETONIX has many advantages over the use of urine strips and/or blood ketone meters?



Cronometer 3Carbohydrate restricted diets require a lot of information to perform optimally. In order to restrict carbohydrate intake, but remain healthy, users of the diet must track their vitamin, mineral, protein and fat intakes with great care.

We aim to provide a complete solution for the smart dieter.



The Design of Living Well

Our passion and life’s purpose is sharing the knowledge, extraordinary vitality and abundant pleasures of optimized health in whole natural living and wellness.

Because wine enjoyment is an important part of our journey of living well, we search the globe to find world class, pure, whole, natural and organic family farmed wines that are naturally low in alcohol, statistically sugar and carb free for the very best of life optimization in wine enjoyment.

Connecting the World with Nature’s Bounty

We also believe the preservation and expansion of family farming is integral to our mission; to connect more people with nature’s whole, pure bounties that optimize health and pleasure. We are committed to financially supporting farmers and artisans who share our passion and purpose; who are dedicated to nature’s logic and the beauty that is the expression of authenticity in craft.


Adapt Dr Westman, co-founder of Adapt Your Life, with over fifteen years of clinical and theoretical experience, has dedicated his life to helping patients with various medical conditions and weight loss. It was through his clinic at Duke University that thousands of patients have successfully achieved their goals, putting Type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, metabolic syndrome and obesity into remission, without conventional drugs. People are often unaware that these conditions and many others are treatable through diet and lifestyle choices.


Bulletproof 1What Is Bulletproof?

Discover how to upgrade your body and your mind using the proven Bulletproof® blueprint to enter your state of high performance every single day. And it’s easier than it sounds. Simple tricks like upgrading your cup of coffee, sleeping smarter, all the way to consciously controlling your brainwaves, are possible with the right information. You can think faster, have limitless focus and energy, laugh at food cravings, and…

No matter who you are, you can get even better. Belonging to a community of people who care as much about personal performance as you do will make your performance better, and it’s even easier to win when you have expert guidance from someone who walks the path of peak performance with senior executives around the globe, and shares the map. For free.

Bulletproof  (adj.)The state of high performance, resilience and vibrant health where your body, mind, and life work together in unison, providing performance beyond what you’d expect.

Biohacking (verb, noun):
(v): To change the environment outside of you and inside of you so you have full control of your biology, allowing you to upgrade your body, mind, and your life.
(n) The art and science of becoming superhuman.


Low Carb Biltong

Low Carb Biltong

What is BILTONG?

Biltong is a 400-year old Traditional South African gourmet beef snack that is cured in a unique and highly nutritious way.  As opposed to treating the meat with heat and dehumidifiers, biltong is cured with a special blend of herbs and spices for up to twenty-one days.

In the late 1600s, the Joubert Family, who were French Huguenots, settled in the fertile valleys of the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa.  For generations, their secret family recipe and method for curing beef was passed down for future generations to enjoy. Now, this product is available in the United States for you to enjoy!

Made from the finest, USDA-approved beef, Biltong is available in your choice of with fat, also known as Traditional, or without fat, also known as Lean.  Other forms of biltong include Droëwors, also known as our Biltong Beef Sticks or Dried Sausage, Biltong Strips, Chips, Snap-sticks, Bites, and even our Grated Biltong.

BeefCheckLogo_w_FundedInPartBy_Tag_2cThe Beef Checkoff has conducted research to help advance the understanding of beef’s role in a balanced, healthful lifestyle since 1920. Over the years, checkoff research has demonstrated that beef’s rich array of nutrients, such as protein, iron, zinc, and many B vitamins, improve health and wellbeing. Since 2001, the nutrition research program has focused on putting beef lipids in perspective and the role of beef in improving diet quality and health outcomes such as cardiovascular health. Researchers have also explored the importance of beef’s nutrient density and its high quality protein in improving multiple aspects of human health.





NTA-Logo_squareThe NTA is an independent vocational school and membership organization based in Olympia, Washington, providing blended online and in-person training in holistic nutrition. Since the first class in 2001, the NTA has taught thousands of students around the world, changing the lives and health of countless more individuals. The Nutritional Therapy Association is founded on the research and beliefs of such nutritional pioneering greats as Weston A. Price and Dr. Francis M. Pottenger.

Our training programs offer a healthy, balanced, whole-food alternative to the processed, low-fat, grain-based dogma of the “food pyramid”, an outdated paradigm that has contributed to many of the rampant health woes plaguing modern societies. The NTA equips graduates with unique tools for assessing and addressing nutritional deficiencies and imbalances in the body from a holistic perspective. Instead of resorting to pharmaceutical drugs and surgery, NTA graduates help clients reclaim their health through a step-by-step, foundational approach that emphasizes nutrient-dense, properly prepared foods and targeted supplementation as required.


KETO KOOKIE lowcarbusa banner adWhat is Keto Kookie?

Finally, a gluten free cookie designed to help you meet your low carb goals.  Keto Kookies are less than 2 net carbs per cookie.  They’re buttery and naturally sweetened with no added sugar.
Enjoy our chocolate chip and our soy-free snickerdoodle flavors.  It’s the treat without the cheat.  Pre-order now before our Kickstarter ends.



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